Hooray! A baby on the way!
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your specialist suppliers of 
bras, panties, tights and lingerie, nursing bras and pads 
and swimwear for expectant and nursing mothers.
A bigger variety of maternity-underwear is 
not to be found on the internet-market.
Remember: It´s not only underwear - it´s lingerie -  goods of superior quality - moderately priced

A happy and exciting time has now begun. We have a wide range of functional and fashionable underwear ideas for your pregnancy:
Grow-along maternity bras, panties, a BabyBelt® for relief of backstrain, swimwear for mums-to-be,the unique KwikKlip® nursing bra, the slimming ReBelt®Panty for after the birth and much more.

Your bust and tummy grow with your baby! 

Your body and its needs change almost daily as baby grows. However, this does not mean that you have to do without attractive and fashionable underwear.

With AnitaMaternity lingerie you will feel great, as the top-quality materials and many years of experience in design ensure maximum comfort, perfect fit and functional support where you need it. Anita Maternity foundation wear gives every expectant and nursing mum exactly what she needs.
Take a look!
Take a leisurely look and enjoy your pregnancy and nursing with Anita®. 

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